İngilizce mevsimler ile ilgili cümleler


İngilizce mevsimler, ingilizce mevsimlerle ilgili cümleler, ingilizce mevsimler hakkında cümleler, ingilizce mevsimlerle ilgili kelimeler, 9. sınıf ingilizce mevsimler.

Değerli arkadaşlar, bu dersimizde ingilizce mevsimler ile ilgili bazı tanıtım cümleleri vereceğiz.

1. Spring

Begins on 21st March.

What happens : the snow melts, nature awakes from its winter sleep, the first flowers appear : snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils.. birds come back from the south, new animals are born
What we can do : plant seeds, work in the garden, fall in love


Begins on 21st June.

What happens : school finishes, holidays start, days get longer, there grow a lot of vegetables and fruit, it is often stormy
What we can do : go on holidays, go to the beach, sunbathe, swim, windsurf, go diving, eat ice-cream,
go to an open air cinema, harvest


Begins on 23rd September.

What happens : it gets colder, days get shorter, Indian summer comes, leaves have beautiful colours, trees shed their leaves, birds migrate to other countries, it rains a lot, school starts
What we can do : fly kites, rake leaves, carve jack – o´ – lanterns, pick apples


Begins on 21st December.

What happens : the first frosts come, leafy trees are bare, lakes are frozen, roads are icy and slippery, some animals hibernate, there is Christmas
What we can do : make a snowman, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, ski, skate, go sledging, drink hot tea


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