İngilizce zaman zarfları, yesterday, today, tomorrow

İngilizce zaman zarfları, dün bugün yarın, yesterday, today, tomorrow hakkında alıştırmalar.

Aşağıdaki cümlelerde verilen iki alternatif arasından doğru olanı seçiniz.


Choose the correct time word

  1. The old movie Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is playing at the cinema at the moment /lately.
  2. Sometimes/When I was walking down the street, I ran into an old friend.
  3. I wake up early at the moment/every morning and I always/lately brush

my teeth

  1. I have already/often finished my homework.
  2. Have you ever/never eaten snails? Not me, I have ever/never

eaten them!

  1. My aunt often/recently makes cake for dessert.
  2. Last week/every day I watched a lot of funny videos on YouTube.
  3. At the moment/often I am trying to solve a difficult Sudoku.
  4. Tomorrow/yesterday the weather will be sunny.
  5. While/yesterday I was playing a new computer game,

my brother was deleting all his old files.

  1. Have you ever/today tried bungee jumping before/often?
  2. Right now/ when I am thinking about what to do on my summer


  1. William is often/always throwing paper airplanes in class..
  2. Tonight/recently I am meeting my friends for a coffee and a long


  1. I have read a lot of vampire books lately/every day.
  2. I am playing tennis at 6 o’clock recently/tonight.
  3. Look! It’s snowing everyday/right now!
  4. He just/rarely reads a newspaper in the morning.
  5. Have you finished your computer project since/yet?

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