İngilizce Zarflar – Alıştırmalar

İngilizce zarflar (Alıştırmalar)

Değerli arkadaşlar yine güzel bir alıştırma ile karşınızdayız.

İngilizce zarfları ne kadar öğrendiğinizi ölçen güzel bir alıştırma.
Doğru seçeneği belirleyiniz.
Haydi kolay gelsin.

[important]CHOOSE THE CORRECT CHOICE[/important]

1.- Our team lost the march because we played (bad/badly)
I feel (bad/badly) about losing the match.

2.- I didn’t any problem to find lodging. I found a flat (easy/easily)
This is too (easy/easily) . I need something more challenging.

3.- Your proposal sounds a bit (selfish/selfishly)
You behaved (selfish/selfishly)

4.- The house was (terrible/terribly) damaged by the hurricane.
That’s (terrible/terribly)!

5.- There was a (sudden/suddenly) change in the weather.
The weather has changed (sudden/suddenly)

6.- Everybody at the party was (colourful/colourfully) dressed.
Everybody was wearing (colourful/colourfully) clothes.

7.- I hurt myself (bad/badly) with that edge.
The firm wasn’t successful because it was (bad/badly) managed.

8.- Don’t stand on that stool. It doesn’t look (safe/safely)
Fortunately he sheltered (safe/safely) at home during the storm.

9.- we waited (impatient/impatiently) until they arrived.
She sounded (impatient/impatiently) on the phone.

10.- She speaks French (good/well)
She speak (good/well) French.

İngilizce ve Almanca derslerinizde başarılar dileriz.

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